Project Management 1

Usability Testing / Trunk Test

Key Findings
• Rather than clicking on the down arrow provided, 2 out of 3 users continued to scroll down the home page.
• The hamburger menu was a helpful tool since all 3 users consistently clicked onto it to navigate the homepage/other pages.
• Circles at the side were a helpful ‘pagination’ for users.
• Portfolio layout and content were confusing because it did not indicate that the links were albums.

• Considering to change the header for the about section.
• Considering to place the contact form in the homepage > content section.
• Change the layout for the portfolio content to a more straightforward design but since I’m not planning to include the portfolio section, I will do this in my own time.

• I found the usability testing process to be helpful as it lets me step back and see the website through the eyes of the users. It also helps me to know what issues are to be resolved to provide effective user experience once I start building my website.


2 thoughts on “Project Management 1

  1. Hey Stef! I think aesthetically your prototypes look amazing. I do agree with the previous findings that the down arrows are a bit hard to find. A possible suggestion I would make, it consistent menus. For most of your pages you have three lines in the top right to indicate the menu. But when you go into your albums you have to click back. To save users time and make navigation a bit easier perhaps you could consider including some more navigation. But if you are not planning on doing these pages not a major unless you decide to change navigation between pages completely.
    Otherwise your website looks fantastic!


  2. hi stef!
    your portfolio is looking very good, you can easily understand it and the theme definitely represents your unique style. I like how you used a scroll down interface and from there you are able to navigate through to different pages.


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