For this assessment, I have decided to work on my own website rather than improving an existing website as I have originally intended. At first, I was planning to redesign the Auckland Transport (AT) website to a more interactive, user-friendly site but I wanted to solely focus on the AT train services. This would not necessarily work as AT provides multiples modes of public transport hence, it defeats the purpose of creating a website for AT. Therefore, I have decided to create my own website that would showcase my work both in photography and videography. I am planning to create a website that includes my online portfolio and a digital curriculum vitae (cv). This would help me later on with applying for jobs as I can provide a link to my website to further show what I have done and what I can do to future employers. Even if I chose not to work with an actual client, I still want to push myself and see it as a challenge to build a visually pleasing website while still considering factors of user experience/interface (UX/UI) throughout the entire process.

Initially, I was hesitant to make a website that focuses on myself and my work as I was intending to step out of my comfort zone and explore other areas of expertise. However, I realized that I can still push myself to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills regardless if it is a field that I am already familiar with. I wanted to treat this as a challenge and build a creative yet professional website regardless if it is my own. Also, I never had the chance to create my own website and online portfolio since I only consider photography and videography as a hobby. However, my website can  showcase my creative and technical abilities to future employers. Having a website especially in such a digital age, is a competitive advantage as this will effectively help future employers and potential clients to see my work. By building my own website, I hope it can be a beneficial tool to advertise myself and to showcase my skills in an accessible and efficient way.

My goal is to create a clean, creative and modern website that is nonetheless, fully functional and user-friendly. The purpose of my website is to showcase my work and skills as well as give relevant information about myself to future employers. Since most photography and videography websites generally have the same ‘feel’, I wanted to specifically focus and prioritise on the aspect of user experience. By creating a website that is easy to navigate and pays attention to user needs, it wouldn’t be difficult to fulfil the purpose of my website. Also, this will encourage users to continue exploring the contents of the website due to its ease of use. This is a goal and key factor that I will keep in mind when creating prototypes because my website is not only limited to a visual portfolio but rather, it is a digital cv as well. Therefore, having a cohesive, creative yet professional website can also make a lasting impression to future employers.

The target audience for my website is for future employers and generally anyone that is interested in hiring a photographer or videographer. Although I have done paid projects in the past, I still consider myself as fairly new therefore, I do not necessarily have a specific criteria for my intended target audience or clients in terms of paid projects. I am fairly flexible with working on any project as to gain many experience and exposure as possible. Since I want to focus on two different target audience groups (future employers and potential clients), it is a goal for me to make my website as cohesive and organized as possible to suit the needs and user experience of my chosen groups.

Apart from building the website, I am planning to create a simple logo that will go with it as well. This is in the works and I will incorporate this logo in the website to further brand myself.

The website will have a splash page/landing page of my logo before navigating through the main contents of the website. At this stage, I am still undecided if the portfolio and digital cv will be two separate options/links in the splash page. The reason being is that, I want to give users the option to view my portfolio at their own pace and the option to get a glimpse of who I am, what skills I have and what I have worked on in a nutshell. Inside the portfolio, there will be 4 main tabs: About, Stills, Motion and Contact. Since I both have works of photography and videography, I want to separate the two. I am also planning to combine both unpaid and paid projects in these sections. For my About page, I want it to be as short as possible since I am already planning to provide a digital cv. Therefore, my About page will just be a short description of myself and my academic credibility. Lastly, the Contact page will contain all the links of my social media accounts and professional contact details. I am also planning to add a message/inquiry form wherein users can send a personal message, inquiry, questions, feedback or just simply an expression of appreciation. Also by doing so, users can easily get in touch with me without them going through the process of writing an email from scratch since I have already provided a message/inquiry form within the contact page. Overall, I am hoping that I can build a creative yet professional website that I can effectively use in the future.


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